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Provincial First Grade
District First Grade
Provincial Second Grade
District Second Grade
CAW U16 - DIV 1
CAW U14 - DIV 1
CAW U12 - DIV 1
CAW U16 - DIV 2
CAW U14 - DIV 2
CAW U12 - DIV 2 Green
C Grade Division 2
C Grade Division 3
CAW U12 Div 2 - Gold
C Grade Division 1
Hume First Grade
Hume Second Grade
Hume Under 16
Hume Under 13
CAW Over 50 Cricket
Provincial 1st Grade T20 Finals
Provincial 2nd Grade T20 Finals
CAW Under 13 Female
CAW Under 13 Female1
CAW Open Female
1 Scheetz, DeanWodonga Cricket Club209000000000000000000000
2 Burgess, GregCorowa Cricket Club009000000000000000000000
3 Cornell, CameronHowlong Cricket Club0015000000000000000000000
4 Lane, RodCorowa Cricket Club000000000010000000000000
5 Osborne, DannyCorowa Cricket Club0000000000000130000000000
6 Nicoll, SamYackandandah Cricket Club000100000050000000000000
7 Davies, CoryOaklands Cricket Club000000000000000100000000
8 Davies, RyanOaklands Cricket Club000000000000000200000000
9 Ashton, WayneWodonga Cricket Club000000000000070000000000
10 Wallis, Mark JCorowa Cricket Club000000000000010000000000
11 Ryan, AidanBaranduda Rangers Cricket Club070500000000000000000000
12 Phibbs, AaronCorowa Cricket Club0012000000000000000000000
13 Lavis, DougCorowa Cricket Club0015000000000000000000000
14 Potts, GreameMt Beauty Cricket Club000200000007000000000000
15 Ferguson, JohnWodonga Cricket Club0018000000000000000000000
16 Graf, JamieWodonga Raiders Cricket Club 0022000000000000000000000
17 Gilbee, Jack RWodonga Cricket Club1600000000000000000020000
18 Harris, Samuel PLavington Panthers Cricket Club1500000000000000000000000
19 Green, ChrisNew City Cricket Club0000000000000100000000000
20 Neal, MarcusTallangatta Cricket Club004000000003000000000000
21 Taylor, DannyYackandandah Cricket Club000100000000000000000000
22 Betheras, MarkMt Beauty Cricket Club000100000000000000000000
23 Flay, DarrenMt Beauty Cricket Club000100000007000000000000
24 Hall, TristanMt Beauty Cricket Club0002000000011000000000000
25 Iaria, Frank AMt Beauty Cricket Club0120000000000000000000000
26 McLennan, GregMt Beauty Cricket Club0140000000000000000000000
27 Moorman, KevinMt Beauty Cricket Club010700000000000000000000
28 Sullivan, JohnMt Beauty Cricket Club0001000000010000000000000
29 Sullivan, AndrewMt Beauty Cricket Club000000000004000000000000
30 Vale, KevinMt Beauty Cricket Club000000000002000000000000
31 Murden, David KHowlong Cricket Club000000000090000000000000
32 Taylor, Trent JKiewa Cricket Club0001500000000000000000000
33 Saville, DanielMt Beauty Cricket Club0140000000000000000000000
34 Hill, BlairNorth Albury Cricket Club0000000000000110000000000
35 Turnbull, EddieEskdale Cricket Club070700000000000000000000
36 Turnbull, RichardEskdale Cricket Club040600000000000000000000
37 McGaffin, ToryBaranduda Rangers Cricket Club000000000022000000000000
38 White, DeanEast Albury Cricket Club3012000000000000000000000
39 Stanton, TyCorowa Cricket Club000000000000000000000000
40 Grantham, Matthew WCorowa Cricket Club1700000000000000000010000
41 Hulme, Ashley MBarnawartha Chiltern Cricket Club050000000000000000000000
42 Cameron, Drew CBelvoir Cricket Club 1800000000000000000000000
43 Jaensch, Matthew CBelvoir Cricket Club 1301000000000000000000000
44 Neville, PhillipTallangatta Cricket Club2000000000000000000000000
45 Hales, DanielBelvoir Cricket Club 1011000000000000000000000
46 Curphey, BenTallangatta Cricket Club001000000009000000000000
47 Harris, DarrenNorth Albury Cricket Club0022000000000010000000000
48 Popko, Alexander JAlbury Cricket Club2300000000000000000010000
49 White, CameronEast Albury Cricket Club1600000000000000000000000
50 Wilson, RossMt Beauty Cricket Club020700000000000000000000
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Total Records: 2209   Page: 1 of 45   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.